“You always know the quality of any product you purchase through the guys at Butcher's Delight is going to be top rate. The eye fillet is amazing! A favourite dinner - wrap the fillet in proscuitto and throw in the oven for 30 minutes.”
-Elizabeth Jones-
“When I think of Butchers Delight in East Lindfield I think integrity. It’s continued focus on quality and customer service is second to none.”
-Jenny Newham-
“Tim and his merry team make the chore of deciding what to cook very easy and pleasurable. Nothing is too much trouble. Thanks Tim and team!”
-Katy Ward-
“I started to go to Butcher's Delight when visiting my sister in Lindfield. Now I make the drive regularly from Hornsby Heights just to get Tim's wonderful marinated lamb shoulder. The product is so fresh, and the range is fantastic. But mostly, I go for the lamb shoulder. Perfect.”
-Sallie McLean-
“As a busy mum who also happens to be in the food industry, I have confidence that the meat I’m feeding my family from Butchers Delight is ethical and of quality. Tim and the crew are customer service focussed and it’s a pleasure to support such a well run Butcher shop.”
-Tawnya Bahr, Mum, Chef, Food Consultant-


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