About Us

Butcher's Delight is a multi-award winning boutique butcher located in the heart of East Lindfield. 

 Offering exceptional products - meats, poultry, pre-made meals and many deli items - you'll never be uninspired for a meal again. 

Don't feel like cooking? Then how about grabbing a lasagne, shepherds pie or Simmone Logue pie? Or maybe a marinated butterflied Chicken or Lamb leg or shoulder is more what you're after? Feel free to look through our product offering online. 

With quality merchandise also comes exceptional service. Your local team are always ready to suggest a dish or offer a cooking tip. Supporting their customers and the local community is what Butcher's Delight is all about. 

Why not drop into the shop and have a look around. You won't be disappointed. Butcher's Delight look forward to welcoming you!


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